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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 20, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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states senate. in oregon, the leading republican candidate monica wehby is regarding accusations of personal issues of stalking and harassment of six ex-husband s. covering it all for us this morning is nbc news political director and host of the "the daily rundown" chuck todd. and break it down of course, starting with kentucky. >> well, we will, and what is interesting about the primaries, tam the ro-- tamron is that allf the storylines encompass what is happening today. today, the story sabt the tea party and fizzling out. you bring up kentucky, but it is one of three big challenges for the tea party. tea party challenge to mitch mcconnell by matt bevin and that is looking like it is coming up short, and what is the number?
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surpass by 60 or is the anti-mcconnell vote going to stay with him in the general election, and idaho, major outside groups who say that mike simp is going to pay for being too close to boehner and too cooperative and that is going to fizzle out, and those who are not seeming to be in play are in idaho so the e ttea party could 0 for 3. another part of the storyline which is important to democrats is that the battle for the control of the senate is what is on the line in 2014. democrats are leaning on brand names, political dynasties and two of them are on the ballot today, and democrat alison lundergan grimes, and her father was one of the cogs of the democratic party, and then
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michelle nunn daughter of sam nu nunn, and both of them are hoping that the name brand trumps the party line. and another story is that the republicans have a good slew of women candidates they have nominated and a couple that we are watching today and you brought up oregon, is she going to be as good of a candidate, monica wehby as some in the establishment are hoping and get through? how about karen handel who is trying to get into the runoff, but it is almost as good if not better than potentially the democratic lay of the land is going to be there on women. another storyline, of course sh, as i told you about are the dynasties and today, mark pryor, and jason carter, and grandson of jimmy carter, and daughter of sam nunn, and i told you about alison grimes there, and the other story that is out there is in pennsylvania. that has to do with all of the republican governors that won e
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re-election in 2011 in the blue or the purple states and the electorate is going to decide who tom corbett is going to face. he is a republican governor struggling to win re-election this time, and he is going to face democrat tom wolf, and not the guy in the white suit, the best selling author, but a businessman and think about it, ohio, wisconsin, michigan, and florida also with the republican governors and so it going to be another storyline of the entire cycle, tamron. >> and quickly, chuck, i want to fast forward to the midterms and this politico report saying that some democrats are desperately seeking a midterm strategy from the president. what do you know about? >> well, it is funny, because about four months the national democrats were saying they didn't want president obama involved, but they wanted him to raise money and not travel to certain states, and think arkansas and louisiana and georgia. and now, and with my health care
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screen, and now as the hostility of the law has lessened thanks to the signups a little bit and thanks to some of the republicans believe that come fall the hostility is back and it is a driver, and we will see, but the polling is showing that it is not the driving issue that it was in 2010, and with health care out of the way, some democrats want to have a larger message on the economy, and a larger theme as to what would he do with the democratic senate in 2015, and what could he get done, and right now, you have a disagreement between sort of the senate and the house guys who would like to figure out how to use president obama better, and the white house who have not figured out the best way to use him. money is one thing, and can he be a help on the messaging and that is not clear, because the popularity is sitting in the mid-40s nationally, and what do you think in georgia and kentucky? >> well, all right, all right,
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chu chuck. thank you very much. let me bring in democratic strategist robert henderson, and msnbc political editor mark murray and melinda as well. mark, let me start with you, it seems that time has been taking the toll, and the tea party may be losing steam. >> well, there is a couple of reasons, because the candidates are not that good and the mitch mcconnells of the world, and also purdue in georgia has been running superior campaigns. also thing is that you have not seen the backlash of the tea r party groups and groups like carl can rove's american crossroad crossroads and other chamber groups go in to help candidates in millions of dollars of the tv ads there has been a pushback
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from the groups like the rush limb shawn hannitys to allow them to have free rein. you can say that they have won, because you have mitch mcconnell in kentucky and mike simpson in iowa and they are 90% running on the messages when it come ts to the spending and the health care law and the debt and the deficit and while the establishment is looking good today and probably tres of the primary season you could not make the argument that the tea party has won. >> well sh, i will bring in rob zimmerman, because others will say that the tea party is an embarrassment to the party with some of the fringe candidates and the quotes that have come out so much so that you have the gop establishment sending out the talking points to avoid those candidates particularly on the women's issues, and we said
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that he tried to tout up monica wehby and we will tell you about some of the perils of facing the candidates, robert? >> well, if i could respond to that, it is an important point that you are make. be realistic that even though the candidates of this year are not for example like the past two year party candidates rationalizing rain or -- rationalizing rape or calling themselves witches, the fact is that the candidates for the republican establishment have embraced the tea party position. and for example in georgia congressman jack kingston has said that children who have subsidized free lunch should be forced to sweep floors to teach them that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and the front-runner for governor has
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mocked the opponent for not having a high school degree, and to the right, another canidate said he may not support mitch mcconnell as majority leader, and so it is not just the tea par ti opposition, but opposition within the party. >> and monica wehby, and particularly the way he chose to describe her. let's play it, and see if you pick it up on it was as well? >> and i you women in the room, you would love the primary as the same day as ours and she is a pediatric neurosurgeon whose slogan is change your senator and not your doctor. >> and some people are picking up on the fact that she said that she is a female pediatric
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neurosurgeon, so is that nitpicking or showing tin effectiveness when it comes to relating to women that the party seems to have with some of the major candidates? >> well, it is a little bit of the nitpicking there but it is a larger problem that the republicans suggest that they have a problem closing the gender gap. monica wehby is going to probably emerge as the winner, and oregon is traditionally a blue state, but monica wehby has runc compelling ads, but she ha run into personal problems out there, but if you look at the way that merkel has been framing it, he has not brought up the personal issues yet, and he has to be careful how he runs in the general election should he run against monica wehby which it looks like he is. >> and talk about the personal issues with monica wehby
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allegations of stalking by an ex, and one of the exes has changed the story, and what are the dalgations? i have a statement from her. >> well, they come from the police reports, and so it is two different back-to-back stories. the late last week had to do with an ex-boyfriend of hers who is helping her on the super pac so you get the sense of the bi-gons by bi-gon other one had to do with the ex-husband and sometimes marital spats or disputes these things can be ugly, and both sides and very complica complicated, but it does contain some way of perhaps if she is a nominee, further questions, but as nia malik henderson indicated, that is a fine line
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to walk. >> and yes. and on political attacks she says like a lot of women, i have gone through a divorce and it was a trying time for myself and my family and i am so sorry that that such a personal matter which bears no relevance to my senate campaign has been brought into relevance about my character. >> well, this is a way to have fund-raising and set a goal of this is how well we think that we are going to do, but this is the danger, tom ran. you end up not hitting 245, but 240 or 235, you have the majority in the house, but people say, well, the house republicans fell short in the midterm season and a good one and that could backfire in the message i messaging. >> and robert, i have to ask you about this political art a kl that some democrats are desperately seeking a strategy. so the top operatives is
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suggestioning that the lack of obama's agenda has little to do oether than headlining events as far as strategic drirection. and so chuck said that those who anonymously said that he would be ineffective on the health care trail to get it started. >> well, tamron, i have an app like that, and so no matter where you start, it is not enough. so not ter where the president starts out, his appearances will generate support amongst the base, and produce turnout in the key states, and fund raising is the pivotal role. i think that what we are seeing here that is unique is that while the president may have pr problems with the approval ratings, among ost the
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democratic base, midterms are driven by the base and the turnout, and he can play a pivotal role in that regard. >> what do you see as the strategic mets sssage here? >> well, the democrat cans need a two-tier approach. they need to focus on what they can do for their states and congressional districts and keep it local and emphatic that way, but they have to point out, too, the extremist agenda they are facing, and that is how it goes back to the conversation that we are talking about, because the republican establishment looking b better, but they are running on the same tea party agenda and thom tillis is opposed to the minimum wage, and so many saying that the climate change is not real, and mitch mcconnell's popularity is with the approval rating of 39%, and so many saying that if bevin does not win, they are looking at
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crossing the party line. it is also about focus canning on the extremist agenda that the extremists republican that don't support the local adjued agenda >> mark murray, we will talk to you later. and right now, we have live pictures coming in from moore, oklahoma. and that community is holding a remembrance ceremony for a year from when that tornado took a massive attack on a city and the rebuilding of the schools. we will look at that. and who is president obama's pick for a supreme court judge joe lewis? because he says that he is in complete opposition of everything that he stands for.
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>> and there are kids who have worked harder for more accomplishments, and they have a whole page for their kids. >> it is a sign of the times changi changing. >> outrage over a high school yearbook, a portion is dedicated to students who have become parents. is that a good idea? it is our "newsnation" gut check. join our conversation on twitter, and you can find me at tamron hall and my team at "newsnation." e quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "limit your hard earned cash back" card . it's not the "confused by rotating categories" card. it's the no-category-gaming, no-look-passing, clear-the-lane-i'm- going-up-strong, backboard-breaking, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every single day. i'll ask again... what's in your wallet?
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a memorial service is under way right now to mark one year since a massive ef-5 tornado tore through the town of moore, oklaho oklahoma. officials just held a moment of silence and about to read the 25 names of the people killed
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including seven children when that tornado hit. more than 1,000 homes and buildings were blown to bits. in an effort to minimize damage in the next tornado, moore became the first city in the country to require homes to the stand up to 135 mile an ho-mile winds with stronger frames, additional bracing and sturdier garage doors. that change does not apply to the schools. and the schools rebuilt will have tornado shelters. >> we are encouraged that everybody who is building over here, and most of the builders gave away a free home shelter with every new house built. we want everybody in the city of moore to have a storm shelter whether it is a business, r residential area or a school. >> and joining us is gabe gutierrez, and you think of the
8:20 am
images and we heard of it that day in sheer fear, but moving ahead and looking at the sheer satisfaction of the people in the town, are the new building requirements meeting their concerns? >> well shgtamron, good morning. there has been a lot of progress made, and we are standing in front of the elementary school where a lot of progress has been made to rebuilding the school, and the school officials are hoping to open it in the fall with a storm shelter b through a lot of debate of how the pay for the 1,100 or so schools without a shelter. one architect recommends using a gym for the safe room and using the reinforced rebar, and the concrete room over a reinforced use of metal and three-point anchors, but the problem is that retro fitting every school in oklahoma with a storm shelter would cost more than $1 billion and the state legislature cannot agree on how the pay for it.
8:21 am
moore, oklahoma, was the first city in america to pass new stronger rez dsidential codes s that the homes can withstand winds of 135-mile-an-hour, and for years of concentrating on the hurricane areas, there is emphasis on tornado alley. some of the suggestions are the new reinforced straps to connect the walls to the roof, and the roof to the foundation. this may not save a home from ef-5 tornado, but it could minimize the damage from the lower level like ef-1 or ef-2, and meanwhile, here in moore, as we look at ttaat the remembranc ceremony, people are realizing that they have come a long way from one year ago here in moore, oklahoma. >> thank you, gabe. our thoughts and players are with the people as they hold that remembrance. anger is growing over how the tabloids allegedly twisted
8:22 am
the words of new york's first lady. >> think they a lot of women are offended, hardworking women in this city are offended. >> a lot of people are, and the mayor is defending his wife after tabloid headlines like "i was a bad mom" about balancing life of career and motherhood, and did the papers going too far and why so many women are relating to her today. and plus, what caused this to happen a college football field? it is one of the stories we are following. and this is other news we are following, the white house is hosting the first ever talent show like jessica parker and jesse ferguson to raise funds for the art program. and there is also a bid for who is going to host the 2018 super
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georgia icon and senator john lewis has been the first democrat to strongly oppose president obama's nomination for supreme court. congressman lewis said that the record of the candidate is opposite of everything that i have stood for in my career. boggs testified in the hearing last week is a conservative state legislator who voted to keep the confederate insignia on georgia's flag and voted for a ban on same-sex marriage, and appeal of creating a registry of
8:27 am
abortion doctors. >> based on the tenure as state trial and appellant court record, the president believes that judge boggs is qualified and should be confirmed. >> kelly o'donnell joins us, and also the president says that the nomination had to be put in context that it was part of a compromise with republicans. >> it is one of the headlines that does have an interesting back story. we have seen over the last couple years how there is tension of moving the president's nominations for a variety of positions, and judgeships in particular have been hot button and how to break through it? well, over time, you have had bargaining if you will with the senators who could support a conservative democrat like michael boggs so you have johnny issacson and saxby chambliss, and those republicans with the president at the outreach deal, and if you are nominate a pre
8:28 am
preapproved judges who are supported by democrats and republicans, they would not use their powers as senators to block the nominations. so classic negotiation, and one that would have given the appearance of sailing through, and then john lewis who has such a record of civil rights and holds such a special place in civil rights history, he comes out and makes his views known. of course, as a member of the house, he can does not have a vote, but for him to come out to say that he takes positions that john lewis and other democrats have stood for, he asks for them not to support this nomination. because of the rules change, you need a simple majority and the question is will harry reid bring it forward and will the president reconsider based on what jay carney is saying it is not at that point yet, so it is democrats and democrats talking
8:29 am
about how the work it through which is an interesting wrinkle in what has been a contentious long battle to try to get the f nominations passed through, and is the right candidate to have a fight over, that is to be determined. >> and the black caucus and the gay rights coalition, and so many groups opposed to the nomination. thank you, kelly. and next up on the primary day, to dday's votes are a testf the tea party. and our team says that there are some on the verge of victory. and plus a new report that says that the students will do better at schools with the higher paid faculty. but some call it flawed. we will have a look at it with the editor of the "huffington post." say helto home defense max.
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on the super tuesday political coverage. we have updates on the senate primaries in two states. kasie hunt is back i in kentuck where mitch mcconnell is being challenged by matt bevin, and in georgia where we have more races. joini joining us now to discuss this is the race between mitch mcconnell and matt bevin. >> he was clearly moving across the state yesterday and general election message, and mitch mcconnell said that if he goes back to washington, he is going to have a big role to bring so much more back to kentucky than alison lundergan grimes.
8:34 am
she was campaigning calling herself a kentucky woman, and she is also clearly making a play for the votes of women. she identified herself strongly as a woman played directly to the women in the rule, and identified herself as a pro labor candidate. the polls are showing that they are close in a potential general election matchup, but again, mcconnell has not turned the full fire on alison grimes, because he has been worried about making sure that bevin is as far back in the polls as possible. so we are looking to see what is going to happen tonight, and we are e expecting bevin to lose big, but if that does not happen, it would be a surprise. >> and we mentioned that in georgia there are seven candidates in the race for the gop nomination, and benbenji, is one of the to be continued races if a kacandidate does not a
8:35 am
majority of the vote. >> that is right, there is a a runoff system in georgia, and they may still have to face each other again in a july vote. right now, there is a modest lead for david purdue who is a businessman running as outside candidate, and congressman jack kingston is the usually battling for the second spot, but as you can see from the poll behind me, it is a low turnout race, and the expectation of low turnout means that anything can happen if support shows up for the other candidates. >> and the polls there will close at 7:00 p.m. local time. and a shocking story out of hollywood, the actor from "the shield" an actor in the movie is booked for the murder of his wife, and what police say happened in that home. and this. >> it suggests a tremendous
8:36 am
misunderstanding of what is it to be a parent, what it is to be a mother. >> and the mayor is demanding that the local tabloid apologize for saying she was a bad mom. he accusing them of twisting the words for adjusting to motherhood, and what the papers are saying today. it is time for the entrepreneurs of the week. this couple owns a jewelry store on the fisherman's wharf in california, but they never took time out to plan for retirement so we gave them a small business makeover to turn their business into a nest egg. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas to make smart business decisions. if you mess up, fess up. be your partners best partner.
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new york city mayor bill deplade blasio is calling on two tabloid s to recant what they printed about his wife. his wife opened up about the struggles e she faced as a new mom. she said that she was 40 years old and the truth was that she could not spend every day with her, and i could not do it, and i looked for all reasons not to, and it took a long time for me to get ini'm taking care of kids
8:40 am
and what that means. and one calling her that she was did not want to be a mother, and the other one saying that she didn't want to be a mom. but yesterday in speaking with reporters, de blasio defended his wife. >> it is deeply disturbing, and it is inappropriate and suggests a tremendous misunderstanding of what it is to be a parent and mother. and lot of the hardworking women in the state are offended and many believe that she is owed an apology for misrepresenting what she said and caricaturing a reality that is so many women face. joining me now is the new yorker senior editor amy davidson and i could talk to you about this all day, and the headline that you wrote "we are all bad mothers." reading the post, and what their
8:41 am
e interpretation was, i could not see how anybody could count as a good mother. basically a woman who said she had walked all of her life and since she was 14 and what it meant to be a responsible adult and parent and she thought that she could do them both and wanted to be both and to be in office and have a child and she also decided to stop working for several years to take care of the first daughter and the second child and also her ailing mother-in-law and mother. in other words, she after thinking she could do things one day, being conflicted about it made what are actually conservative choices partly so that her husband could do for at her job and even she is called "i was a bad mom" and how do you make a choices, and how do you reflect and think about the balance in your life without being accused of being a bad parent. if that is what is a bad mother
8:42 am
is, i'm not sure how any of us can measure up. >> and it is also, you know, a lot of moms say that so much of what they have learned about parenthood was about other mothers being honest and telling you that instant they have the baby, angels don't fall out of the sky and maybe you do hit a rough point, and if you can't be honest and share that story without being persecuted for it, how do you grow? >> well, she was asked about, she said, of course, there were times i felt guilty and that is being held against her and the confession of the -- >> the confession of mom guilt. >> i don't know any parent, and you want to be perfect for the small person, but, please. >> and the "new york post," and it was a male reporter who said that the disclosure that she said bound to horrify most moms shares a carefully crafted image
8:43 am
of the de blasio's close knit family and when the coverage did not read like a hallmark card it blameded the all disturbing pattern of the media. what are you guilty of chirlane? are these really about chirlane or political axes to grind? >> it has to be because the reporters are not such bad readers of the quotes in front of her. and she is described as saying that she picked being a mother and that being part of her life. and to then that turned into the headline that she didn't want to be a mom, it is almost black and white and what i thought that would horrify most moms to borrow the "post's" phrase is how easily they are called the
8:44 am
bad moms. if they think about their lives, and don't forget that for a lot of women, it is not a choice. you have to work and be a good mother for women --? and you have women everyday beating themselves up for this desire to have it all and how to juggle it, and the best sellers are built on having comfort in the difficult times, and he or she is beaten up about it. when she made those comment, it was a conference, and other women were writing it in, and it was a hallelujah moment that all of the writers nodded in identifying with it, and is there a larger conversation that needs to be had here? >> yes, are you allowed to work and admit there are bad days when your life is change sod radically when you have a child. and de blasio had his own
8:45 am
complicated life. his father left the family, and he relied on his mother, and he understood i think that what it was like for her to be working, and what it means for the women. these are complicated choices and lives. >> this has hit a nerf for sure, and -- has hit a nerve, and we will look for the follow-up. an actor is arrested for the death of his wife. police say they booked michael jase for suspicion of murder. tmz says that he called the police last night from his l.a. home and he said quote, i shot my wife. police say that the neighbors reported gunshots and when police arrived they found april dead, and he is best known for the role as a lapd officer on the series "the shield." california wildlife
8:46 am
officials say that lack of oxygen is the cause of a huge fish dieout in marina del rey. thousands of dead anchovies were found on the shore. it seems they may have been trying to escape a predator when they were trapped in the harbor. and looking at this sinkhole in clarksville, tennessee, and that is to believed to be the e result of a years of eating the limestone by water, and they hope to have it filled in by the end of the week. this year, college seniors are graduating at the highest student loan debt ever. now, an alarming new report is calling into e question the ratio between the state debt and the salary of college executives particularly at state universities with the highest paid presidents. one study said that of the 25 public universities with the highest paid presidents, the
8:47 am
student debt grewfester than the public school student. and also, the labor of adjunct labor grew at these the schools. so joining me now is "huffington post" editor tyler kinkade, and thank you for your time. >> glad to be here. >> one of the universities did respond, but this caught our attention and help us to understand how you know that the numbers were put together. >> right. so the public colleges are supposed to be the low-cost option and subsidized by the state and cheaper for the student to go to as opposed to the private colleges where it is the high cost and financial aid model to throw a lot of financial aid at you so the students at these colleges go deeper in debt. and it is not necessarily that the students are $26,000 in debt because their president made $1 million last year, but it is
8:48 am
sort of the example and the tone that it says that they are not sacrific sacrificesing with the students and they should make twice as much as president obama. >> this study says it is inaccurate and uses inaccurate data and it is painting a sensational picture to support the thesis, and ignores the reality at the thesis, and while there is work to be done, the university of minnesota is making progress to hold down the student debt, and investing in the students' future education and needs. we know about the student loan news, and the time of the unemployment rate, it seemed that the people with the college degrees did not suffer the most, and certainly jobs lost, but not to the degree without a degree from college.
8:49 am
>> some tof the students were told that all i needed to do was to go to college and be fine, u but they are finding out that is not the reality, so it seems that the college degree is the new high school diploma, and you can argue that there are flaws in the report, but there is no disputing the fact that it sets the wrong example when a college president who has the home and the bills taken care of is making more than a $1 million a year. gordon gee who is the first one for xexample the first college president to make over $1 million a year. and the last year that they covered, he made over $6 million. this is a man they will say, welk, he does great for fund-raising, but does he -- he is spending $60,000 on bow ties, and is that actually going to do anything better for the college? >> well, we have to take the graphic down, because we are not
8:50 am
going to explain it, but the top five most unequal are ohio state university and pennsylvania state university, university of minnesota and michigan and washington and do you believe that the universities should follow like minnesota and explain the flawed report or not, when you see the headline and your student loans are coming in, that's enough to steam you up. >> the students and adjunct faculty are wondering why am i suffering. to be open about it, and the university of minnesota president wants to make the salaries more public. >> tyler, thank you very much. food for thought. thank you. we'll be right back with gut check. passenger: you've got to be kidding me. driver: this is good. woman: vamanos. driver & passenger: vamanos. woman: gracias. driver & passenger: gracias. passenger: trece horas en el carro sin parar y no traes musica. driver: mira entra y comprame unas papitas.
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i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. time for the "news nation" gut check, some parents in mesa,
8:54 am
arizona are not happy about a special feature inside their kids' yearbooks, devoted to students who have children are pregnant with photos and a description how difficult it is to raise children and be in high school at the same time. here's our affiliate in mesa. >> never had this in any of my other year books. >> what was the year book club thinking? >> reporter: two pages and two sides to the story, a spread in the mesa high year school features teen parents who struggled school while also raidsing their children. >> it makes it look cute and i'm doing so great. and it's wonderful that they are still in school and trying to finish up their education, but at the same time it doesn't convey the reality of what they are going through. >> reporter: grace edwards says it goes against how she brought up her granddaughter. >> wait for the right time, not
8:55 am
in high school. >> reporter: the principal and administrators declined to discuss page 40 and 41 but did say the subject matter in the student life section of the mesa high yearbook reflect choices made outside of the school environment. the students are fully supported in their academic efforts by the school and district. some students like gregory gomez work just as hard balancing honors classes and extracurricular activities and didn't get a chance to shine. >> other kids that worked better for more better accomplishments and they have a whole page for their kids. >> reporter: others say maybe this is the new norm. >> it's a sign of the times. times are changing. 40, 30 years this never would have made it into the year book at the high school, especially a public school. >> do you think having a yearbook page like this is a good example for kids? we'll tell you what the vote is tomorrow.
8:56 am
look at what the news nation is saying about yesterday's gut check. we asked if there should be a gift shop in the 9 9/11 mu mee up gift shop. that's the closest we've seen. up next quts andr"andrea mitche report reports". as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. ♪ ameriprise asked people a simple question: in retirement, will you outlive your money? uhhh. no, that can't happen. that's the thing, you don't know how long it has to last.
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ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. no regular blood monitoring; no known dietary restrictions. for information and savings options download the xarelto® patient center app, call 1-888-xarelto, or visit right now on "andrea mitchell reports," it's super tuesday and biggest primary day of 2014. major races in six states. will set up the big battles in november. but is the party over? why the republican establishment has the tea party on the ropes in places like kentucky, where republican senate leader mitch mcconnell is fending off a tea party challenger. the real race could be against a strong democratic challenger allison grimes in the fall. >> in 2014, you can change the
9:00 am
united states senate and offensive coordinator to defensive coordinator. >> i am the kentucky woman who my republican colleagues have so generally referred to as an empty dress. that seeks to retire mitch mcconnell. >> and mission impossible, the latest on the desperate hunt for the terrorists who abducted 276 nigerian school girls missing now for more than a month. and nbc stephanie gosk will join us with her report from the front lines. >> reporter: the border is so porous in places it's unrecognizable and the fear has been that boko haram could take the kidnapped girls over without being detected. in the time i've been talking, i walked from cameroon into nigeria.


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